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Youth Ministry 2018


St. Christopher’s is exceedingly blessed to have a diverse Youth Ministry: an Upper Elementary class that meets weekly; an Acolyte Ministry in which upper elementary and teens through high school participate; and a teen Youth Group that meets periodically and also participates in special worship activities throughout the year.


Our Youth lead worship every 5th Sunday; the service often includes dramatic readings or presentations of one of the scheduled readings for that day. One of the Youth Sundays provided youth an opportunity to respond to Micah 6:8 with their understanding of what God’s Word was telling them. [picture]. All the youth are invited to participate in these Sunday worship services.


Acolyte Ministry



This dynamic ministry is participated in  by 17  youth in our congregation! They serve in teams on  a

rotation basis 20141026 141320 (see a couple of our teams on the  left). The youth tend to serve until they go off to college. Please click here to read the Acolytes and Parents welcome with ministry overview and responsibilities.

Acolytes have the honor of carrying the “presence” of Christ – symbolized by the cross, and the “light of Christ” – symbolized in a worship context by the bringing of light to the luminaries that stand on the altar and within the sanctuary. They assist the priest at the altar to prepare for Holy Communion, and aid in the telling of the Gospel by bearing the Gospel Gospel Book for the public reading of The Gospel during corporate worship and handle ‘holy things’.

You can email Jo Mimms-Bolden at or call her at (240) 432-9634 for more information.  Click here for team schedule.

Other Youth Activities

In addition to the Youth Sundays and acolyting, there are other times when youths may take a lead. Sometimes they lead St. C’s popular Praise Worship led by the African Praise Choir, and help with

Altar Guild.

praiseworshipyouth    helpaltarguild

In 2016, St. Christopher’s celebrated its 60th Anniversary, and the youth were part of that celebration! In late summer 2016, several youth participated in a highly popular Fancy Hat Ladies Tea, and were the modeling stars of a special fashion show organized and led by the high school teens. This was a very popular part of that event. The youth also ran a car wash that helped to raise funds to defray the cost of the youth attending the Anniversary dinner dance, and to use a portion of the funds towards a charity. 


St. Christopher’s youth have participated in this critical World Vision initiative since the early 2000s. This program allows youth to participate in a vital outreach to persons suffering from hunger, food insecurity, and lack of life necessities around the world – even in the United States by raising awareness and funds for dispersing to the countries of most need! Recently, funds were specifically directed at Haiti following the devastating earthquake and civil issues.

Support this effort by the youth by donating via this link!

In the Spring of 2015, our youth raised $1,125 to donate to the efforts of World Vision's Outreach to people in most need around the world. Read about their remarkable weekend here.

In 2016, youth raised nearly $1200 to combat the effects of hunger and malnutrition, and in a devotional project, created a banner expressing what Easter means to them individually.


crosswalk2017crosswalk2017banner In 2017, the youth again          participated in a special Good  Friday evangelism outreach in  New Carrollton along the 450  corridor in an event call the  CrossWalk. They lead a small  cadre as they carry a large  wooden cross draped in black  and  a crown of thorns. They  invite  passersby to the Easter  services  and offer them Bible  tracts.


This is what the 30 hours looks like: Our youth go without solid food for 30 hours straight. Yes, you heard me – 30 hours straight. They drink nutritious beverages and stay hydrated during that time – which in the last few years has been lunchtime on Good Friday and breaking the fast on Holy Saturday in the early evening. During Holy Saturday, they assist the Altar Guild in readying the church for the large Easter services on the next day. Additionally, there are times of devotion and outreach (this year they ‘visited’ prisoners per Matthew 25:31-46 – ask a youth how that went!), and each year they seek to break the fast in special ways.  




In a recent year, they took the same cross as seen in the picture above, and symbolically nailed ‘Jesus” – the Bread of Life – to it to demonstrate the immensity of Christ’s sacrifice on their behalf. (see above)

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The Rev. Melana Nelson-Amaker, Rector/Pastor

8001 Annapolis Road | New Carrollton MD 20784



Worship Times

Sundays: 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.  Igbo Language services are held on the first and third Sundays of each month at 1:30 p.m.

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Youth Sunday

Next service is on December 30th at 11:00 a.m. and occurs every 5th Sunday.



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