Our Ministry Model

Version approved by the Vestry on January 9, 2012.



St. Christopher's Episcopal Church


a matter of letting go of the familiar and being open to new life--new surprises--which God does have in store for us


Our Vision

God's beckoning beacon calls us all.

Our Mission

God loves us without condition.

God sends us his people with needs and gifts for us to recognize.

Our mission is to respond to God and his people through love and discipleship.


Our Change of Perspective

From surviving to flourishing.

From a community gathered around a minister to a ministering community.


Our Shared Life at St. Christopher's has these four aspects:

  • Worship that is faithful and vibrant

 A baptismal community that responds to the Word, celebrates the Eucharist, welcomes the stranger, goes forth in the Holy Spirit's power.


Worship in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition that incorporates the gifts of diverse cultures and generations and remains open to renewal.

  • Mutual support in groups

Diverse groups, some of limited duration, where people care about and support one another and experience ongoing formation to live a life of faith.


Transitioning from a Sunday-focused ministry to one that features widespread weekday involvement whether at church or elsewhere.


The purpose is not structural coherence but helping people blossom.

  • Outreach to New Carrollton and beyond

A changing group of ministries that effectively address the real needs of our neighbors,

engage and develop our talents, and link us with diverse partners about matters of common concern.


A congregation and location that is open to the people and needs of its area, and witnesses to Christ through word and action.


A congregation known for compassion and seen to be trustworthy by non-members.

  • Responsible and flexible participation

A style of community life that emphasizes frequent communication in all directions, a healthy sense of ownership and involvement by members, and opportunities for ministry and leadership training.


Servant leaders who address both maintenance and mission, who attend effectively to details and procedures, yet also work to discern God's future for us.


A ministry council representing parish groups that complements the vestry and staff.


What all the baptized (laity and clergy) do:

  • Baptismal living

carry out the baptismal promises and covenant in everyday life

advance Christ's work of reconciliation

transform our communities

  • Baptismal ministry

build upon the abundance entrusted to us

live as a local ministering community

further God's reign in the world


What the priest does in concert with the ministering community:

  • presides over the eucharistic assembly
  • tells the gospel story by preaching and teaching
  • safeguards the vision as a source of renewal
  • advocates structures that advance the mission
  • empowers and supports the ministry of the entire congregation
  • (equipping the saints)

What a healthy congregation looks like:

deepening spirituality

better connections among members

expanding outreach

increased membership

greater income


Where diversity finds its fulfillment in Christian unity.


As with the human body, so with the Church: size does not necessarily correlate with health. We endeavor to be a healthy congregation.


God has a future for us in New Carrollton.

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 The Rev. Melana Nelson-Amaker, Rector/Pastor

8001 Annapolis Road | New Carrollton MD 20784

Worship Times

Sundays: 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.  Igbo Language services are held on the first and third Sundays of each month at 1:30 p.m.

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Youth Sunday

Next service is on December 30th at 11:00 a.m. and occurs every 5th Sunday.



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